From Pest to Pesto: Cooking with Garlic Mustard

  • Theodore Wirth Picnic Pavilion 3275 Glenwood Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55411

Garlic mustard is an invasive plant that threatens the woodland ecosystems of eastern North America. Attend a garlic mustard pull held by the Friends of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden to help manage this plant first, learning proper identification and harvesting techniques. Then join us in the kitchen as we transform it into a delicious and healthful meal!

Meet at the Wirth Picnic Pavilion (3275 Glenwood Ave.) at 9:30AM. There is first-come-first serve free parking at the Wirth Beach parking lot on the North side of Glenwood Avenue. The picnic pavilion is atop the hill on the south side of Glenwood. We'll walk into Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden to remove the garlic mustard for an hour and then stroll back to the Picnic Pavilion to cook and eat for the last hour of the morning!

To attend this class, please register here.

Registration opens Saturday April 12 and closes Wednesday, May 14.