Announcing Our New Grant Proposal

Help NCFA Win a Grant to Create a New Garden!

North Country Food Alliance is applying for a grant through SeedMoney, a "crowdgranting" organization. Using their website, we have created a crowdfunding campaign which will go live Sunday, November 15th along with hundreds of other campaigns. The first 75 projects to raise $400 will receive an additional $400 grant from SeedMoney.

Our Campaign

The Edible Edmund Alley is a mini-forest garden that will break ground next spring. Set in a high-traffic area of Saint Paul, this garden will provide a source of free fruit to hundreds of food insecure people living in the neighborhood. It will also function as a hub for free educational opportunities that help people gain knowledge to become more food secure.

Foraging berries at one of our workshops

Foraging berries at one of our workshops

How You Can Help

Donate money! Our project will appear on the SeedMoney website on Sunday, November 15th some time between 11am and 12pm. Once it appears, you can make a tax-deductible donation on our page. The sooner you give, the more likely we are to receive the $400 grant! You can find our project after 12pm on November 15th by searching for "Edible Edmund Alley" on the SeedMoney website, or by keeping tabs on our social media (see our Facebook and Twitter links on the right sidebar.)

Share our campaign! Tell your friends, family, and other interested persons about our campaign! Share it on your social media networks or your websites! Help us spread the word!