Community Meals


We are building a mobile kitchen to cook free & healthy community meals in diverse locations across the Twin Cities. We plan to provide free meals in public spaces, at community events, at picket lines, and anywhere we can make a positive impact. This commercial grade kitchen bus is a longer term project of ours. Please contact us if you have commercial grade kitchen equipment to donate.

How You Can Help


Please consider donating tools and equipment to help minimize the cost of building our community kitchen program. Below is a basic wish list:

Tools: We are happy to accept most tools for our workshop, from basic hand tools to power tools to welding equipment.

Cooking & Kitchen Equipment: Propane cooking stoves for the smaller mobile kitchen, stainless steel prep & hand washing sinks, stainless steel prep tables.

Cooking Utensils: Large pots & pans, large spoons, knives, strainers, cutting boards, knife sharpeners, high-quality coolers, etc.