North Country Food Alliance

Increasing Access to Healthy Food


100% Community Funded.


North Country Food Alliance is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We increase access to food by sharing it with people in need. We accomplish this through weekly foodshares, community gardening, and community meals.


Rescue and Distribute

As part of our programming, North Country Food Alliance shares fresh produce and baked goods several times a week in low-income and working class neighborhoods across the Twin Cities metro region. 


Create and Educate

North Country Food Alliance builds new community gardens each season in the Twin Cities, teaching people to grow healthy food and creating more access. We are also building a mobile kitchen as a longer-term project so that we can share hot meals at community events and teach cooking classes.



Did We Come to Your Door? 


We come to each neighborhood just once a year for donations to fuel our trucks and support our programming. 

This direct connection to the community saves time and money so your donations go straight to the communities we serve.